A Good Day for Soup

On cold, wet, dreary days like today when the sky can’t decide whether it’s sending down rain or snow my mind (and my stomach) turns to soup.  It just seems to me to be the perfect meal for this type of weather.  Add some fresh-baked bread and you’ve got a great meal.

Beside the previously mentioned Growing Vegetable Soup, here are some soup stories that I found at my local library:

Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper is a story of three friends, Duck, Cat and Squirrel, who live together and each have their own jobs that keep the household running smoothly, till one day Duck decides he wants to stir the soup.  Soft, whimsical illustrations with lots of details.  Ends with a recipe for pumpkin soup.

Delicious! by Helen Cooper is another story about Duck, a picky eater who won’t even try fish soup, mushroom soup, or beet soup when his favorite pumpkin soup is not available.  Fed up, Cat finally  makes soup with squash, tomatoes, carrots and corn that looks like pumpkin soup. This tricks Duck into tasting the soup and discovering that it tastes good.  The jacket flap is supposed to have a recipe for beet soup, but some libraries–including mine–cut it off.

Veggie Soup by Dorothy Donohue has Miss Bun, a rabbit who likes to cook making soup for her friends, but when she decides it needs a little something, she adds all the ingredients that her friends brought her.  This doesn’t help; in fact it makes it worse.  So the group starts over by following Great Nana’s recipe for veggie soup, which is given on the last page.   Love the paper cut illustrations.

Chicken Soup by Heart by Esther Hershenhorn has Rudie Dinkens making chicken soup for his babysitter, Mrs. Gittel, who has come down with the flu.  As he cooks, Rudie thinks about times that he and Mrs. Gittel have spent together.  Both Rudie’s and Mrs. Gittel’s recipes are shared.

Carmine: A Little More Red by Melissa Sweet is a twist on the traditional Little Read Riding Hood tale that has Carmine riding her bike to Granny’s for some alphabet soup, but on the way she stops to paint, which allows the wolf to get to Granny’s house first.  The story formatted like an alphabet book and uses words like dilly-dally, nincompoop and surreal.  Granny’s Alphabet Soup recipe is on the last page.

I’m off to make soup.  Happy reading and happy eating!


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