Knit and Eat

Knit One, Kill Two
by Maggie Sefton
c. 2005

 I just finished Knit One, Kill Two, the first in a series of mysteries by Maggie Sefton. Enjoyable, but not the best written story I’ve ever read.  Several typos, but I don’t know if that is due to reading it as an eBook, or if the print copy has the same mistakes.  I felt that Kelly, an accountant who comes to Fort Collins, Colorado when her aunt is murdered became close friends (and took them into her confidence, sharing family secrets) with the knitters in the shop next door to her aunt’s home far too quickly.  And having the secretary put the call on speakerphone so Kelly just happens to overhear a crucial bit of information.  Really?  How likely is that to actually happen?

But overall, the homey setting and the calm of the knitting shop blended into an pleasant read.  If you are a knitter, you will enjoy the setting, all the talk of yarns and the directions for a sleeveless sweater.  I wasn’t expecting it, but there was even a recipe for cinnamon rolls with lemon cream cheese frosting on page 222 that I had to try right away.

I was worried about my old yeast and the fact that my experience with making yeast breads is limited to throwing all the ingredients in a bread maker, but the rolls turned out pretty good.  They weren’t hard to make and the directions were clear.  I got busy and let the first rising go on too long.  I don’t know if that was the reason, but the second rising didn’t seem as strong.  (Experienced bread bakers, do you know?)  My daughter did not like the lemon frosting and wanted to make sure I mentioned it–but she didn’t dislike it enough to stop eating.  I have to say, I agree.  Cream cheese frosting without the lemon would have been better.


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