Time for Cranberries!

Next week Thursday is Thanksgiving.  We tend to associate cranberries with Thanksgiving and they do make a wonderful accompaniment to the turkey, potatoes and stuffing, but the tart fruit is delicious any time of year. Wende and Harry Devlin, authors of the charming Cranberry picture books starting with Cranberry Thanksgiving in 1971 all the way through to Cranberry Easter in 1993, seem to agree as each story has a cranberry recipe at the end (except for Cranberry Birthday because cranberries are out of season when Mr. Whisker’s birthday comes around).

Try one today!

Cranberry Autumn                  Cranberry Squares
Cranberry Birthday                  Strawberry Birthday Cake
Cranberry Christmas               Cranberry Cookies
Cranberry Easter                    Cranberry Cobbler
Cranberry Halloween               Cranberry Dessert
Cranberry Mystery                   Cranberry Pie-Pudding
Cranberry Summer                  Cranberry Punch
Cranberry Thanksgiving           Cranberry Bread
Cranberry Valentine                 Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

Happy reading and happy eating!


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