I’m a librarian in the Chicago suburbs, who loves to read and loves to eat, and who loves books that combine the two in one package.  My two favorite types of books to read are children’s books (I LOVED Nancy Drew as a kid and wanted to be Nancy.), mostly middle grade fiction and picture books that end with a recipe and adult cozies, specifically cozies that combine mystery and food, so bring on the caterers who solve mysteries and the bakers who discover dead bodies, because I will read while I preheat the oven to test out some of the scrumptious recipes these fictional detectives whip up.

Like the well-known credit card slogan, “don’t leave home without it,” I believe in carrying a book with me wherever I go.  I keep a book with me to read while waiting in line for the doors to open at my daughter’s dance recital, while waiting for my son’s Boy Scout meeting to finish or while waiting for an appointment.  I read while eating lunch, during the commercials of the few things I watch on TV, and before going to sleep (or instead of sleep!).  I would rather read than do just about anything, hence, the name of this blog: Just Eat, Sleep, Read.


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  1. readerbuzz

    Happy to have met you today. Let’s just keep singing…”I love my white shoes…” and don’t forget, “It’s all good!”


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